AngelAssure© is a suite of insurance solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Angel community. It utilizes a strategic approach to insurance that provides customized products at competitive prices. Our professionals are leading brokers with proven expertise in navigating the risk management needs of asset managers involved in angel, venture capital and private equity investing.
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In order to help you grow your business, our team can advise you in in the following areas:
Contract Review
Contracts are essential for doing business, and many companies inadvertently enter into contracts that contain unfavorable terms or overreaching indemnity requirements. Contractual risks are often the main drivers of claims and are best managed prior to the execution of the agreement. Managing contractual risks is essential to Mason’s strategy to improve your risk profile.
Due Dilligence
When dealing with a merger or acquisition, insurance is the last thing you want to worry about. But a lack of proper due diligence can cause an exciting new business venture to lead to a host of unintended consequences. Mason has the expertise to execute a thorough M&A due diligence assessment to ensure you aren’t inheriting unexpected risks.
Rep & Warranty
In connection with corporate transactions, Representation & Warranty Insurance can protect against financial losses, in excess of retention, for certain breaches of representation that are unknown or unintentional. Benefits underscore the value of the transaction for both the buyer and sell within the acquisition or merger agreement.
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Meet some of the people who support the AngelAssure program.
Pam Mason
Pam Mason

VP, Practice Leader - Asset Management Practice

Strong technical understanding of the insurance products that facilitate risk transfer. Over 30 years' experience.

Myles Reagan
Myles Reagan

VP, Senior Account Manager - Asset Management

Deep background in asset management insurance program oversight. Over 30 years' experience.

Phil Mason
Phil Mason

President, CEO of MASON - Innovation Practice Leader

Founded Mason in 1988 and developed it to become a leading insurance agency based on industry growth and profitability benchmark